What Is Dogging

This is a term referring to either observing or having exhibitionist sex in a semi-public or public place. In addition, it is a term used to describe any outdoor sexual activity performed by adults. This activity can range from having anonymous recreational sex in an isolated car park to an exhibitionist putting on a show in the public.

It can also mean observing or watching people having sex in outdoors just like dogs. The term originated from the UK when couples and friends used to have sex in their cars during the night. In that instance, there was a guy who used to follow them and watch them as they were having sex.

This activity has been going on for a long time only that it was not known. Lately, a lot of attention has been given to it because people are willing to admit that they are doing and they love it. Some take it as an activity that needs to be adventured. What has made it more popular is the advent of mobile phones, internet and messaging. Through any of the above mentioned channels, doggers find it easier to locate one another and arrange a meeting for the activity.

Quite a good number of people who are involved in this act are also involved in swinging. Swinging is a situation where you will find people swapping their wives with other people or a situation where there is a group sex. Nowadays, a lot of couples are involved in this behavior to spice up things in their bedroom.

The activity has become more popular because it is fun to watch someone make love and be watched making love as well. It becomes fun due to the element of having a challenge and adventure to locate an ideal place and looking forward for an exciting encounter.

The kind of people who go out for this activity are couples in their 30s to 50s who are out to seek adventure. Other people who go out for this activity are those in a relationship whose sex life is not up to standard and they are looking for a way to return it back to its former state. The people who like observing this activity are in most cases men who are not married or in a committed relationship. Most doggers do not come from poor backgrounds. In fact, most of them are middle class working individuals leading an average lives and using it as a hobby.

The place you can use is an open place quite a distance from a public place like homes, roads and sports places. Usually the place is secluded or near country parks. Sometimes, car parks are common places during the night when there are minimal activities and cinema halls.

To start being involved in UK dogging, you can visit a number of sites online who offer the services. Here you can find other doggers and it is easier to contact one another for a chat room, forum and meeting. Thereafter, you can arrange further details on how you can meet.

Dogging is a dangerous affair because you are meeting with someone whom you do not know since you met over the net. The meeting place is going to be in a secluded place where there are very few people or no person at all. In case of any silly situation, no one will be there to help you.