About Us

Myself and my wife were a lights off, under the covers kind of couple until a few years ago when we stumbled upon (quite literally) doggers in action. We are both approaching 40 and thought of ourselves as ‘past it’ until a recent encounter with a younger couple at a parking lot.

We were walking hand in hand on our way to a nearby restaurant on the beach when we spotted the car in front of us, the parking lot was empty apart from one car and it looked quite a peculiar scene. My wife, being the naive soul that she is suggested that we go over to see if they were in need of assistance. We approached the car slowly, the lights were on and I could see that the windows were clouded up. As we got closer, there was a quiet thumping noise and the car was definitely vibrating under the moonlit sky. I kept my mobile close by with our safety in mind and gently knocked on the window. “Hello, do you need help?”

The thumping stopped and the window came rolling down to reveal the naked couple grinning out at me. A stench of sex hit me and as I gasped and turned to walk away, a buxom blonde grabbed hold of my arm. “You and your woman want to watch?”

I started to reject the kinky question before glancing at my wife, she was making eyes at the dark haired man in the back of the car and he seemed to be reciprocating the attention as he touched himself without any shyness at his audience. The pink flush on her chest gave away her excitement, she always blushed when she was turned on. The woman opened the back door of the car and motioned for us to join them. I raised my eyebrows at my wife questioningly and she nodded, licking her dry lips. We both proceeded to get in the car and the things that happened next send shivers down my spine just to relive.

We touched, sucked and fucked in all matter of positions and for hours on end. I had never experienced an orgasm like in and neither had my wife. Watching her with another man brought me no jealousy, just pleasure. We went home and did a little research into what I now knew to be called “dogging”, the couple we had encountered were dogging and did it regularly for fun. We learnt the rules, what to do and where to do it. Myself and my wife have met so many different couples along the years and we sometimes even do it on our own if the mood strikes.

So I have created this blog to tell you everything you need to know about dogging including how to be safe, the signs and signals and my personal hot experiences. Dogging is something that is not for everyone but if you feel like it could be what you need to spice up your relationship then give it a try because you might even surprise yourself.

Enjoy my uk dogging site. See you on the inside.

John Dempsey

PS…..I’m also a keen fisherman too….lolol