Important Information About Dogging Etiquette

Basically, dogging involves having a recreational sexual encounter at a public place such as a car park. The dogger watches as the encounter takes place either by hiding or being visible. The dogger can be invited to join in the encounter. Some couples prefer engaging in dogging activities behind the comforts of a locked vehicle while others enjoy being out in the open where other people can see them and join in if they want.

When dogging, it is essential for you to be courteous and safe and follow some dogging etiquette and rules. The rules and etiquette are put in place to ensure that everyone engaging in this kind of sexual encounter has a safe and enjoyable experience. The following are the rules and etiquette that you should follow during your dogging experiences.

Dogging Etiquette For Couples

Practice safe sex by using condoms. It is wise to buy a large amount of condoms and pass them out to any person you involve in your encounter. Safe sex will keep you safe from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Use lubricants because they help all those involved in the encounter to enjoy it more. You can pass out a lubricant pack with the condoms.

Know your personal limits. This applies especially for females. If a man joins in on your encounter, do not be afraid to inform him to back away if he is taking things to far. It is not possible for you to enjoy the encounter if you are too timid to inform a dogger that your limits have been pushed too far.

It is essential for you to talk about your intentions and what you expect from the dogging experience with your partner. Set your ground rules and create a word or signal that you can use if a problem occurs. Decide what you will or will not do such as when to invite a dogger to join in and how you will decide who to play with.

When planning the encounter, you should provide participants with accurate directions and an identifier such as the make and model of your car. You should also give clear signals such as flashing your lights or leaving the interior light on to invite voyeurs. If you want them to join in or get closer, you can roll the windows of your car down.

Do not be reckless because you may get into legal trouble if someone complains about your actions. You should therefore have some discretion when choosing the location and the way to behave.

Dogging Etiquette for Watchers

If you intend to watch couples engage in dogging activities, you should make sure that you clean up. If you look dirty, a couple may not be willing to let you join in. You should also avoid sneaking up on an unsuspecting couple. Approach them with caution. If the couple has just arrived, you should refrain from rushing over to them because it will make it difficult for them to get started.

Another thing to do is to watch for signals. For instance, a flash of the inside light of their car means that they are comfortable with being watched. If they roll down a window, you can get closer to them but make sure that they are actually dogging. Do not join before the couple asks you to do so. You should also be respectful and appreciative. Leave if the couple asks you to. After the show is over, make sure that you do not leave trash behind.