Dogging Tales

What You Don’t Know About Dogging Tales

Dogging is a word from the British slang that means performing sexual activities in a public or semi-public place and the act of watching this sexual activity. Dogging actually began in Britain and is become very popular now than ever. It has revolved from several concepts to what we generally know it to be today. Today, it is more organized but it has not always been like this and the meaning has also drastically changed. Let’s begin to look at Dogging Tales (As Seen On Channel 4) in details.

Originally, dogging was simply spying on couples having sex in a car or other public place. It is a word that was coined in the 1970’s. But today as you can see the definition above it has been formalised and organised and even commercialised. It’s now a form of entertainment for many around Europe and other places around the world. Then people will ‘dogg’ couples to where they want to have sex in a public place and secretly spy on them but it different today. Today, people come together with mutual consent to have intimacy in the open and have others watch them in action.

This sexual activity could be just two participants, group sex or gang banging. Exhibitionism or voyeurism is closely related with this game: Dogging. Today we even have gays participating. It all depends on the organizers and what they really want and also the available and willing partners they have at that particular time.

The internet and text messaging are the two technologies that have helped in the spread and popularity of this sexual activity. With this medium, it’s easy to get hundreds and thousands and even millions easily to watch or invite a lot of people to come participate. It is now easy to find partners to participate and also get thousands to come watch. Millions can be reached online. The Internet right now has several sites where one can sign-up to get the latest venue for the next show. Several tales are recorded online for anyone to access and view or read. People from virtually all over the word can now access the clips or tales to watch or read.

This sexual activity has grown far and wide now. It used to be only in Britain but now we have it also in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Barbados
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • and still counting

Technology, particularly the internet is responsible for this wild fire growth. Several willing partners can be recruited online and millions of viewers can be reached easily.

It’s also becoming more acceptable in the society more than ever before. Dogging Tales (As Seen On Channel 4) is the number one producer of dogging tales and shows today. Like never before we now have much more producers of these kinds of shows in many parts of Europe. Though there are areas where this has not really taken root or reached at all but one has no doubt that it is just a matter of time for it to get to places like Africa etc. Though without doubt, we have people all over the world who view online. If you want to make your own dogging tales, or meet doggers in the UK, we suggest you check out this great site The site  has been going for many, many years and was one of the pioneers for getting UK doggers on line. Great site with lots of members. Check them out.

Celebrity Doggers

Looking to meet up with someone fun and new?

Perhaps, someone more adventurous and a bit uninhibited?

Dating someone new each day is quite possible for the curious-minded looking for the above qualities. All it takes is finding the right place at the right time. We’re talking about dogging. Are you new to the idea? Or maybe you’ve heard of it, but you are pretty darn curious how to go dogging.

First, let’s level with each other. So often, we hear of celebrities having fun and getting caught with their pants down, or completely off! We hear the stories which some people react to in shock and disgust, but secretly you think, “Hey, I wish I could have been with those Celebrity Doggers! She’s hot!”

Did we catch your fancy? Good.

Oh, in case you are new to this, dogging is a pretty fun way to meet other adventurous people for at least a one-time encounter.

Imagine the old 1950’s of teenagers going to a look-out point at night and getting it on in the car. Sounds youthful and kind of boring. Now, imagine going to that same spot, during the day, going for a stroll and then finding a nice, attractive partner for a bit of wooded fun! Or, perhaps you just bring your dog for a walk and get to happen upon two strangers getting it on and you enjoy watching from mere feet away? It is voyeur meets uninhibited, no-strings attached sex in the woods.

Sounds very hot, does it not?

But, you cannot go to just any wooded area and expect success. As you can imagine you do have to use a bit of discretion and avoid heavily patrolled areas, unless you are into that kind of thing. Who knows, maybe you could get lucky with that hot officer- but we cannot recommend trying something so brazen. We can, however, recommend how to find the right spot!

There are quite a few websites up and running which are frequently used to organize group meet ups for people to either find some one-on-one action, watch or partake in some group action. Those tend to be the best options to use for someone interested in dogging. Even celebrity doggers use sites like that to fulfill their dating fantasies. So you never know who you are going to meet. On the other hand, you might bump into someone you do know whom you want to avoid. You may want to scope the people out a bit inconspicuously as possible before getting out of your car.

What are the ideal places for dogging?

Another way to try finding a place to go dogging is by finding a wooded area and start by going for a walk. Look for evidence that people have had encounters in the woods. Usually finding used condoms or some pornography is left behind. If you find the evidence, then you could start scoping out your next date.

A word of caution, not everyone who goes dog walking in the woods is looking for adventurous sex. You definitely do not want to be the “crazy naked guy in the woods” who the police hear about. Do be the nice adventurous person who takes ‘no’ for an answer and find someone else to ask if they want to go dogging with your wood.

As always, be safe and bring protection. Oh, and don’t get too lost in the woods.

Did you watch Dogging Tales, Channel 4’s sensational documentary on dogging in the UK? Check out the reactions from celebrities to this program!