Dogging FAQ

Whether dogging is your cup of tea or not it is only natural to be curious about this fairly new and on-the-rise socio-sexual trend. Since many people seem to be asking the same questions, we’ve come up with this handy Doggings FAQ:

Q. What is it exactly?

A. While in public, engaging in sex while others watch or watching while others engage in sex. Those involved in organized doggings gather at a specific time and place, usually in a park.

Q. How many people engage in the sex part?

A. As many as want to and can find a willing partner.

Q. Why is it called dogging?

A. The name comes from the much-used excuse of walking the dog, given to uninvolved spouses or partners by doggers to explain their regular evening absences. A lot of people with dogs show up to watch or to participate.

Q. Where did it start?

A. England, possibly in Essex, though this is hotly debated by some. Wherever in England it started, it has spread throughout the UK like wildfire and is now fairly common in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Q. What lead to this becoming so popular in England?

A. In 2003, laws regarding sex in public became less restrictive. Couples were no longer automatically arrested when caught engaging in sexual activities in vehicles and dark alleys.

Q. What makes someone a dogger?

A. Watching or participating in doggings.

Q. Does dogging include rape and violence?

A. No. Dogging is purely a consensual act on the part of all participants and observers. That said, rape and violence can and do occur everywhere, at any time, and in any social situation. Anyone thinking of becoming involved should take every precaution to minimize the risks. Do everything necessary for you to be safe.

Q. Does it spread AIDs and STDs?

A. Yes. If you decide to engage in sex rather than just watching, you put yourself and everyone else you have sex with at risk. You can minimize the risks by using condoms and common sense.

Q. What sort of people are doggers?

A. Adults of all ages, sexual orientations, genders, races, and cultural/social backgrounds are known to participate. That said, the most prominent demographic at the present time are late thirties to early 40’s, homosexual or bisexual males, who are white and middle-class. Since it’s considered trendy, we expect the average age to drop slightly. There will probably always be more men than women involved just as there are in swinging communities.

Q. Are there celebrities involved in this?

A. Yes. Rumor has it that participating in organized doggings is a fairly popular activity amongst celebrities, at least with national and local celebrities in the UK. A few people of note known to be involved are ex- England footballer Stan Collymore, the British band U Rocker, and BBC’s “East-Enders” actor Steve McFadden.

Q. Where are doggers most likely to hang out together?

A. Public parks and the internet. Site like or

Q. How do I become a dogger?

A. Use the internet to find like-minded people or groups in your area. It’s a lot safer and easier than randomly stumbling around in parks in the dark with your dog.