Dogging Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

“Dogging” is a term originated from the UK meaning “having sex with known and/or unknown people in public areas like a park or in a car with other people watching/joining it”. This term was coined when people used to follow (or “dog”) couples to catch them during sexual action. Lately, it has become more popular with time in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand along with the UK. Dogging is fun if you maintain some essential rules or follow some common Dos and Don’ts; if you fail to follow them there is a great possibility you will flunk in dogging.

These Dos and Don’ts are as follows:


1) Know How to Find Partners: You just can’t choose somebody randomly and propose him/her for dogging; you need to know how to find willing people. Choose different approaches like online partner search, discussion within trustworthy friends or even sending requests in public places via Bluetooth. You ought to try for some time.

2) Signal Others: You cannot expect to get partners always by yourself. Just like you, other willing people are also searching for partners. So let others find you too. For that use some effective signals like inviting voyeurs to your car with interior lights on. You can also flash the car’s headlights in a parking place to people who you think want to dog. Try giving them clear view of yourself by opening the windows of your car or even you can invite them directly to your car by opening the doors.

3) Relax: Don’t be impatient, persistent, persuasive or obstinate. If you possess one of these qualities, you are less likely to attract any voyeur.

4) Use Protection: Never ever forget to use protections in dogging. You do not know any of the players, so keep yourself safe by using condoms. People are strange; and their physical problems can be stranger and dangerous too.

5) Be Respectful and Courteous: Don’t forget to show respect and courtesy to others because if you don’t give respect to the deserving people, you also won’t get respect for yourself from them. Behave in good manner to every person present there. For gents, it is advisable to show respect to the ladies present there, without them the show would not be a success.

6) Know Your Legal Boundaries: Don’t be ignorant of the law of the land. In some countries like UK, it is exactly not unlawful, but in some country it may be illegal. So it’s better to look before you leap.


1) Don’t Retain Valuables With Yourself: When you go for dogging, be sure to keep your valuable assets in secret areas because often the participants are not good in nature, even there might be thieves, bandits participating in the dogging. So retaining valuable materials with yourself can push you in harm’s way.

2) Don’t Use Your Real Name: If you take part in a dogging, you can see that people use unreal names to remain anonymous to others. You can use the same trick to get rid of any unwanted attention.

3) Don’t Be Too Casual: After dogging, while returning back, observe the environment around you. Be sure to observe if somebody is following you or not.

4) Don’t Expect To See None of Your Acquaintances: You might come across one of your acquaintances in a dogging. Don’t expect there will be nobody who can identify you. So be sure to keep your confidence in that case.

5) Don’t Make Yourself Messy: Don’t forget to make the place clean as well as your body. If you remain unclean, people will despise on you. If you let the place stay unclear, there is a high chance next time the police will shut it down for dogging purpose.

Keep It Fun: Dogging in last couple years has become more and more popular with passing time. The thrill and excitement of doing sex with strange people and distribute the mirth of the action has uplifted its popularity. So more or less, every youth likes to take part in it. Just keep yourself straight and try to follow the advices; Dogging will surely be a lot of fun to you too.