Where To Find Doggers

Dogging, a pastime that emerged from the UK, has become a hot new sex trend that is sweeping the globe. Essentially, dogging is having sex in a car or other public place in anticipation that someone will watch and possibly want to join in. Most often it takes place in parking lots or public parks, although there is no limit to where it can take place.

If this is something that you’ve recently decided you’d like to get in to, and the idea of having someone watch you have sex excites you, it is important to know where to go to find others that enjoy the same. You’ll need to know where to find the hot spots and be fully aware of the rules that this exciting pastime entail.

Car dogging is the most popular form that there is. Car parking lots are great locations to find dogging in the UK, and others that are interested in this pastime know this. They will be there to look for this exact activity. A vehicle provides a safe environment for the couple and provides a perfect place for people to watch from the outside. The windows of the car may be rolled down to invite those interested to get a better view.

If you are new to this, and have not found a spot that you may enjoy this voyeuristic pastime, the internet is a great place to find people that share similar interest. There are many different sites and forums that connect doggers, and many sites will post a time and a place where events will take place. Many websites connect fellow doggers with cell phone numbers so they may contact each other via text when they are ready to be at the same location.

There are also many different groups on popular social media sites that will help you to find others who enjoy this. This makes for an easy way to connect to others in your vicinity. You can add them to your list of friends and begin messaging them personally to find out where they meet with others that share this interest.

When you begin to explore the world of dogging, you will find it is one that is kept pretty much a secret. Locations are usually kept within the knowledge of a tight circle. You may want to begin by finding one of these locations and observing another couple to start. This will get you familiar while letting you know the popularity of the area you have chosen.

It is important to let other doggers find you. When in a parking lot and having sex, make sure you are in a visible spot. You may want to leave the interior light on so others will be able to see you with better ease. Flashing your headlights is a way to let others know you are dogging. Roll down your windows so you are even more visible. If you decide you want to let someone in on your action, open the car doors and invite them in, or get out of the car to let them know you want them to be a part of your sexual activity.